Our Team - The Anglher Ambassadors

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Kelli Jackson

Founder & Owner Anglher

As a native of Colorado Kelli grew up an outdoor girl. Being the youngest and only girl of five kids, she enjoyed playing in the dirt and running around with the boys. Kelli began fly fishing in Gunnison, Colorado while pursing her degree at Western State Colorado University. Post college she returned to her hometown Eagle, CO and worked in a fly shop and bartended.

Noticing a lack of women's fly fishing apparel and classes geared towards women interested in the sport, Kelli created Anglher. A brand for women by women. Kelli also began hosting all inclusive women only destination trips (2008) and launched her kids line, Lil Buggers (after having twins in 2015).

When this anglher isn’t out on the water she enjoys running, mountain biking, snowshoeing and traveling with her husband and twin boys.

Her next bucket list fishing experiences are Christmas Island April 2019 and Iceland 2019.

Non profits she currently works with are: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Casting for Recovery and The Mayfly Project.


Erin Gallimore

Anglher Ambassador Since 2016

Meet Erin. She first touched a fly rod in the101 class in September 2016. She since then has taken the 201, gone on two hosted trips and fished with Anglher a handful of times. It thrills us beyond our highest of rights to watch this woman rigging her own rod, hook setting and netting her own fish (and taking a selfie) confidently on the water. "Helping others to shine brighter won’t make your light any less bright.”

Things she does for fun: sip coffee and read on her deck, fish, hike, spend time with her family.

Place she wants to visit: complete her list of visiting at least 6 of the 7 continents (she is currently at 4).

Organization: National Fishing in Schools Program. She would love to bring the love of fishing and conservation to children at any age.


Zoe Ward

Anglher Ambassador Since 2016

After Zoe stocked up on plenty of Anglher apparel, about three years ago, she figured it was probably time to learn how to fly fish. She took an Anglher casting clinic to give it a try and then spent a day on the water and after that, she was hooked on the sport.

For Zoe, fly fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with her friends and family. She believes that fly fishing encourages you to constantly learn more and she is grateful to Anglher for getting her into the sport and for continuing to empower women on the water.

In addition to fly fishing, Zoe loves to ski, hike, explore the outdoors with her husband and watch movies.

The next place on Zoe's travel dream list would either be Italy or Iceland.

As a leukemia survivor, Zoe's charity of choice is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Kristen Nelson

Anglher Ambassador Since 2018

Kristen first learned to fly fish in 2018 with Kelli in Colorado and was hooked ever since. She loves the peacefulness of being on the water and how fishing brings friends and family together.

Kristen enjoys exploring the outdoors with her Husband, hiking, biking, snowboarding, and hanging with her fur babies.

The next place Kristen would like to visit is Italy and Alaska.

Kristen's charity's of choice are Dolls for Daughters and Take Note Colorado


Shelly Myhre

Anglher Ambassador Since 2018

Shelly moved to Colorado from the land of 10,000 lakes with no angling experience. She and her husband quickly picked up a fly rod and have spent many days on the water since 1999. She loves living in the mountains where the local rivers are a quick drive and fishing for an hour or two is a staple in life. Her daughter has been raised on the river and has a love and respect for not only the fish but nature and all that it gives back to us. She has a new found love of saltwater fishing for tarpon – what a rush!

In addition to fly fishing, Shelly loves to snowboard, hike, practice yoga and be involved with their family run business, Basin + Bend.

The next place on Shelly’s dream travel list is Ireland and Scotland.

Their business Basin + Bend gives back 11% to conservation and she supports the Parkinson’s foundation. Check it out at https://basinandbend.com/