From Graphic Tees to Grand Adventures

We are a group of women who strive to make a positive impact in the sport of fly fishing and beyond. We share our passion with women who are just beginning fly fishing or are advanced anglhers. We thoughtfully design our classes, trips and apparel with the experience of client in mind. We work to sharpen women's knowledge of fly fishing and encourage them to take an active role in being a steward of this earth (to humans, the land and all creatures) through the F.I.S.H. philosophy.


Our Mission

To create unforgettable fly fishing experiences through education and hosted travel. 

What We DO

  • Educate: Classes, clinics and instruction for fly fishing.
  • Host: thoughtfully designed & professionally executed hosted trips that focus on fly fishing and unforgettable experiences.
  • Outfit: Quality gear that wears and performs well for outdoor play. 


  • Anglher Ambassadors: Each of our team members takes an active role in teaching and educating others in fly fishing, conservation and charity. 
  • Educate: Offering classes for each skill level and providing an interactive, confidence building curriculum for women and young girls. 
  • PartnershipsWe work with hand selected outfitters, guides, guide services and fly shops around the world that exercise the same level of customer service and focus on conservation as our business does. 
  • Non-Profit: We know the healing benefits of fly fishing and we implement those benefits in combination with a education based confidence building curriculum for young girls to build self confidence and positive body image.